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Redefining beauty

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There is something awe inspiring and beautiful about the world when seen from above.  I always fight for my spot next to the window in the plane, I will abstain from drinking if it means I won’t have to disturb the people I’m sharing a row with, this trip was no different.  I happily situated myself against the window my only carry on bag wedged beneath the seat in front of me.


The world above the clouds

Once the flight was under way I had my nose pressed to the glass. I never tire of the endless sea of clouds, the constant change in texture, light, and density a feast for my photographers eye.  Turbulence kept us all belted to our seats for the first hour.  I  consider myself an amateur connoisseur of inexpensive flights.  This one was one of my finest finds at less than half the price of a normal ticket but with the price cut came an outstandingly long line for the bathrooms.  In fact the minute the seatbelt light turned off the line stretched almost twenty rows deep, this line remained for the entirety of the six hour flight. I’m not sure what they were serving but it definitely took a toll on the patrons.
As exciting as the never ending bathroom line was I found much more intriguing things outside the plane.  The clouds mystified me, when they finally broke apart the landscape below was no less mesmerizing.  I tried to pick out what state I was in by the lay of the land, unfortunately no one has drawn state lines or color coded them the way my third grade map was.  Despite my geographical disorientation I still knew we were somewhere between the west and midwest as the fields were a vast checker board of colors, and those are the only things west of the east coast.  Each irrigation circle in contrast with the surrounding land.


wpid-wp-1416616217287.jpegWe crossed from crop lands into the western mountains where the clouds took over.  When the earth was once again revealed it was the mountains of California.  They looked to be fabric draped across the land, sharp angles, knife edges with folds upon folds hiding mysteries within the shadows.  I am so excited to be searching out some of these mysteries and sharing them.








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