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Holiday cheer!

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San Francisco Airport a week before Christmas! The customer service line stretched over 40 feet!

The mix of chaos, anxiety, and stress fill the air! People rushing from point A to point B with so many thoughts cluttering their mind they cannot take a moment and enjoy what they are doing and why. The holidays have changed. It is no longer a time to sit and enjoy being with family and friends but a crazed shopping event which starts weeks in advance. There are people who face this endeavor as though it were the Triple Crown.
Forgotten is the joy of sitting around a fire, a table or a Christmas tree, with the people you hold dear. The pressure to cook the perfect meal or buy the perfect gift hangs overhead.

This is NOT how I perceive Christmas! This year more so than any in the past was a year not to feel stressed. At a young age my parents changed the idea behind Christmas and created our tradition, it was not about spending. As kids we were limited to $20 per person for gifts. We could spend it however we saw fit, buying many small items, one large, or the most encouraged method, purchase supplies to make something. The holiday became a time to sit and think about the people you loved, an opportunity to share a piece of yourself with others. No crazy running around fighting for parking or wrestling with a nun over the last box of crayons.

This holiday I spent my days preparing small gifts, tokens of appreciation for those closest to me. I took time, not to shop but to see my nephew for an afternoon – you can’t replace childhood. These are the memories I want: seeing my nephew roll over, snuggling with my pup, Laughing with a woman in line behind me at the store, baking with my mother, telling stories with my grandfather.
I’m blessed to have had all of these this holiday season.



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