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To anyone who is checking in to see if I got the sponsorship I have sad news

The disappointment!!

The disappointment!!

I did not make the final cut from 4o entries to 12 – but I did get a wonderful email from the main person with much encouragement and appreciation for my video.

Please feel free to vote for other contestants, the video links are at

(located partway down the page with the headings “name” wants Badger sponsorship powered by LARABAR)

I would like to assist in any way I can for the fellow Thru Hikers!


I hope to also provide you with a link to my video by the end of the week, I feel that you should get a chance to enjoy my little blurb about the AT even though it’s not in the contest!!!

And here is my serious nature as I go through the emotions of the news I received at 2:30am this morning:

The shock!!!

The shock!!!

The contemplation

The contemplation

The Vengeance!!

The Vengeance!!

The acceptance!!!

The acceptance!!!

One thought on “Sponsorship…

  1. Bummer Erin 😦

    Susan Wente Smith Sent from my iPhone


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