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Hiker life


In the hiker world there is a lingo you quickly learn.

“Hiker midnight”
Anytime after 8pm or the sun has set.

“Hiker appetite”
The ability to consume huge amounts of food without effort.
The odd combination of foods which you’d not normally consider combining, peanut butter and tuna.

“Hiker fashion”
Either trail clothing which you wear for a week at a time or the random attire you put on for town days while washing your trail clothes.

There is also a point where hikers discover a whole new type of challenge, not the day to day drone back in society

What do you do when the “facili-trees” are bare of leaves and you need to go to the bathroom?

The moment when you become aware you have a clear view of the crew making dinner in the shelter when you’re seated on the privy.

Your feet get more attention than your hair

You discover you were photo bombed, not by your friends, but by bugs

When the weather gets wet your dog gets the rain coat

5 thoughts on “Hiker life

  1. Great read and pictures Erin! Pro info you! Keep the blogs and Facebook pictures coming! Sending sun your way!
    U Jere

  2. Spell check.. Thought I said so proud of you Erin !!

  3. Love your bandanna!! You just keep getting more and more beautiful. So glad you took a day to go rafting. I’m jealous. And what are the green grapes you are soaking your feet in?

    Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2015 00:43:51 +0000 To:

  4. I just LOVE your tattoo. I know it’s a bit out of the subject, but it’s awesome. The picture of the dog under the raincoat it so cute as well 😀

  5. Just a sucker for a good dog story.

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