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Can Virgina really be this long?


VA is almost done!  I have 165 miles to go before I pass through the boarder into West Virgina.  Knowing VA is almost a quarter of the trail, 600 miles, and I entered it on the 27th of May and plan to be leaving it in the next couple of weeks I’m happy.  My pace has picked up, although in the day to day scheme it may not feel like it.


VA is an interesting place.  I have seen terrain change while rounding a corner or coming over a mountain.  I’ve walked into a field and left going into what appears to be scrub brush from the western plains. 


I have heard about more people leaving the trail than I ever imagined, some who I knew, many who I didn’t and am saddened I never got the chance to hear their story. 


The rumors of this being the “easy” part of the trail seem to be only those, rumors.  This is where the term “Virginia Blues” comes from as folks battle the mental game of getting through a state with many miles and few “markers”.  The state lines become your goal and when a month has gone and you haven’t seen a state line you start to question if you really are progressing. 


I made it to the 800 mile marker and threw my arms around No Shame, so excited and thrilled to think another 100 miles was done and I have under 290 to reach the halfway point in my journey.


The goal here is to keep on trekking.  I’m not ready to leave the trail, it has not beaten me, I may be dirty, smelly and battered but I came out here ready for a fight and fight I will!


4 thoughts on “Can Virgina really be this long?

  1. I just wanted to leave a note and say I like the blog! I’m planning my AT hike for next year and love reading about it 🙂

  2. Keep on fighting, Erin! I admire your grit!

  3. Love love love the blog, Bookie! Hope you, No Shame & Scribe are all doing well. It was wonderful to meet you guys in VA and offer what little assistance I could. Trail on …

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