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We made it!!!


No Shame and I had a wonderful sponsorship while on the trail.  Sustenance to be sure we made it from point A to point B.  They asked us to put together a little something for their page.  Here it is!!!  (click the link)

Thank you The Honest Kitchen

(Don’t panic!  The picture with me and No Shame was taken at Trail Days, not at the summit of Katahdin, no rules were broken in Baxter State Park for the capture of this image!!!)

I also apologize for my lack of blogging.  There are many things cranking through my head post trail.  It is just a matter of putting them out there for others.  The “real” world has sucked me in…  it has also chewed me up and spat me out.  All of that will be addressed in upcoming blogs.

3 thoughts on “We made it!!!

  1. Thanks for sharing Erin. It was a great adventure. All the best. Zoey n Dave

  2. Erin- so happy to have you home. You and No Shame are amazing. I am in awe of what you have accomplished! Memories you will treasure forever. Thank you for sharing your photographs, thoughts and journey with me! -Marlo

  3. Nice post Erin – don’t let the “real” world get you!! Great piece at THK 🙂

    Susan Wente Smith


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