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3 thoughts on “Maine… it’s the real deal – Part 2

  1. Great photos Gator – and a truly wonderful commentary! Please do tell your stories 🙂

  2. Erin, we met at the Gathering last week. I’m Blue Jay ( I left my glasses at your “booth” because they wanted to keep looking at your work. After spending more time with your pictures I may have been wrong about your ability to make money with your talent. Photography is hard to make a name but you are extraordinary. Do you have any cards of the ponies in Greyson? How about ones in Sage’s Ravine? What else do you have in Virginia?

    • Blue Jay, Thank you so much for your kind words. The photography is my way of sharing with others. If I gain a little more from it I’m a happy camper. I do have one pony image which has caught my attention. I will go through my images and see what I have. Right now I’m focused on images in states where I have a high probability of having a sale venue (guaranteed sales in ME). I hope to continue to grow my inventory over the next month.
      Thanks again and it was a pleasure speaking with you! ~Gator Tater!

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