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How my dog survived a thru hike with me: Keeping them healthy

I’ve been off the trail for over a year now and nothing I do connects me to the trail more than sharing my experiences with others.
I just spent a weekend in Damascus VA celebrating Trail Days with past, present, and future hikers and the one thing which caught my attention was the number of dogs on trail this year.  Some of them seemed happy and enthusiastic about this endeavor, others not so much, I saw dogs who were lame, and others who were going through emotional struggles.  The trail is not for every dog, it is a place of uncertainty with constantly changing rules and boundaries.  I had been working on this post but realized just how important it was to get it out there.
Here’s some stuff to think about when considering a thru hike with a dog!
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Looking north from Saddleback Mountain outside of Rangely ME