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Pictures in Words

Wandering through the dawn air I am immediately aware of just how autumn it is. It’s not just the slightly crisp morning air, but the damp chilly bone numbing cold. Maybe it’s because it is just after 5am and the sun is only now making itself know below the horizon. There is no sunlight to create a false sense of warmth on my numb fingers, only the darkness. I find myself standing in wet grass watching the sky turn from black to dark purple to blue with yellow edges creeping in. The slow transition like that of a bruise.

During these excruciating, way to early, mornings I have been blessed with some of the most beautiful images and not enough time. So instead of having photographs I only have words.

Day 1: The first morning, when I was reminded of just how beautiful morning could be, I was driving past the bay. I looked out past the cars zooming along the highway and watched as the morning light pierced the mist resting on calm waters. The boats stood still, colorful silhouettes against the rising suns golden rays.

Day 2: My senses were tuned in now. The morning commute was no longer a tedious drive but a chance to find the one image I wanted to capture in my mind and carry with me for the day. Today it was just outside Beverly, MA. There is a beautiful walking path, or so I imagine it to be, that crosses the road in a number of places and appears to vanish into swamp lands. With the transition of summer to autumn the warm days and cool nights have been creating stunning mists. As I drove past one of these crossings I glanced down the trail to see dead trees. Now on any given day these trees are beautiful as they have been stripped of their bark and now stand smooth and naked. The whole lower portion of them was enveloped making it appeared as though they were rising from a world built of mist, bare bodies of trees protruding into the sky, lit only by the golden glow of the morning sun.

Day 3: I would have stopped in the middle of the highway to capture this on film. Racing along during my morning commute I glance out my window taking in some of the beauty surrounding me. I almost slam on my breaks when the realization of what I am seeing settles into my sleepy, coffee craving, brain. It is not every morning that you are cruising along the highway and when you look out the window you’re greeted by the most miraculous sight. The sun pushing itself over the horizon, lighting beautiful lush green fields, you can just make out fences through the heavy mist, which still lingers from night. Closer to the road the colors are more vibrant and you can truly appreciate the deep greens but off in the distance the dense mist disguises everything. My eyes land on the old creaky windmill which stands near the road. Patches of rust color the blades standing still in the morning air. As my eyes finish focusing I realize the blobs in the background are not trees or rocks but cows. Cows which are slowly materializing from within the mist. The suns rays are warming the air stealing the moisture from it as the cows continue to multiply by the second.

I can only hope you are able to find some small token of beauty in these descriptions!

5:30 am light.  My mornings aren't getting any warmer!

5:30 am light. My mornings aren’t getting any warmer!