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If you build it they will come

I am in the midst of a journey.   But I didn’t get here by myself.  I have been surrounded by some of the most wonderful people, provided opportunities I never expected, along with guidance and support.  This journey is about to take a new direction, I am thrilled for the change and absolutely terrified at the same time.  I will be leaving the safety of my home, my work, and the community of people I have been surrounded by, to drive 2000 miles and walk into the wilderness.
Tonight I was reminded of just how far I have come on my journey.  During my workout at Crossfit Bona Fide (CFBF) my trainer pointed out that I was almost at my “goal.”  Now this may not mean anything to you or even seem like a big deal, it’s just a goal.  But when I realized just WHAT he meant by that I lost ALL focus on the squat I was doing and almost fell over.  My journey at CFBF began in January, I have been attending classes 3-4 times a week.  When I started I could barely manage a squat while using a “stool” to spot my butt so I didn’t fall over backwards (I should have been a pro at these – it’s what they make you do in PT after ACL surgery).  Now, six weeks later, I have lowered my “stool” by 3 inches and cranked out over 90 squats, not yet achieving my goal but getting there.  My “GOAL”, in six weeks when I leave for the trail, is to be doing squats without any form of assistance (the stool) and to be able to bring my butt below the height of my knees in what is referred to as “below parallel”.  The strength and stability to achieve this will take me a long way on the trail.IMG_9337
There is something so remarkable about CFBF and the community of people it hosts.  I had this preconceived notion of what it would be like doing crossfit.  I was so WRONG!  It is not all about the next big lift or chest thumping and sweat dripping.  It is a space to come in and meet people who have an interest in themselves and their health.  I am always excited for the Work Out of the Day (WOD as we kindly refer to it), I walk away from it feeling as though I have overcome a perceived limitation.  It is true, “if you build it they will come”.  When they designed CFBF they did so with the right mentality, creating the environment they wanted as they went.  I know when I walk through those doors I will not be judged or intimidated.  I will have the support of every member and person in the gym.  As I finished my final rep tonight I had seven people standing there cheering me on and counting down for me, a testament to just how committed this group is to the success of every person.  I continuously tell the staff just how great they are, that I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them, Kevin, one of the trainers, shrugs it off saying “you put in the work” and it is a true statement, but without them this place would cease to be what it is.
When my feet hit the trail in Georgia it will be with confidence.  I can only hope the trail community is close to what I have found here at my gym.  CFBF

What would I do without Star to rescue me?!

What would I do without Star to rescue me?!







Appreciate what you have and where you’re going!

Present: My mind was already cranking predefined emotions through it as I placed my right foot on the 15 inch box; frustration, fear, and defeat.

Flashback: three weeks ago I received an email stating I had won a one month membership to CrossFit Bona Fide (  The idea of doing crossfit was crazy but then again so was hiking the AT.  I had to start somewhere and better to start close to home than halfway up a mountain in GA.

Present:  Step Ups were on the board today for our workout.  The last time I’d tried to do Step Ups, three months ago, my knee had complained and crackled, and it was only a 7 inch rise.  So tonight it was understandable to feel a sense of defeat before I’d even begun.

When presented with a challenge I rarely back down.  On the count of three I took all the work and knowledge of the past two weeks and drove my foot down, pulling my knee back and tensing my glutes to bring my hips into alignment.  I was standing on top of the world in that moment!!!  I had stepped up 15 inches with no pain and enough effort to know I’d had to work to get there but I was solid!  All told I did over 30 Step Ups on my right leg that night – I felt as strong at the end as when I had started (for anyone who has gone through an injury you know just how exciting this is – to not feel the fatigue).

Stolen Picture -  gotta start somewhere

Stolen Picture – gotta start somewhere

Until recently I had been questioning just how smart my decision was to attempt the AT.  My knee was only a part of my concern.  When I was injured I went from a highly active life style of climbing on a high ropes course day in and day out to sitting on a couch… abrupt change in my physical activity caused there to be drastic change in my physique.  As I push myself in crossfit I am excited to see a change in my muscle tone already, just two and a half weeks out.  I am feeling VERY grateful for the trainers who work with me to adapt exercises and help me push forward to meet my own goals!  This preparatory work will make the difference of hiking the AT and enjoying the completion of AT.

When you can pull the hair back you're going in the right direction!

When you can pull the hair back you’re going in the right direction!

The last things which seem to be making this a truth rather than an idea:  Posted apartment as available for Sublet!  Started purging my belongings (If I haven’t used them in three months I don’t need them)!  Started the purchase of my gear!

Star watching over the purging - she's worried I'll put her out with the trash!

Star watching over the purging – she’s worried I’ll put her out with the trash!