Adventures of Life


Let the trail begin!



Every step taken brings me further from society and into the wilderness.  I am here.  There is so much to be said and no way to say it.  The trail is nothing like I expected and everything I’d dreamed of.  Within the first mile I was a fish out of water, gasping to fill my oxygen deprived lungs with air. Slow and steady got me up the mountain and on with my journey.


Bear bags hung in morning mist on Springer Mountain


A good day of hiking leaves a tired puppy

I met amazing people within hours of getting on trail.  An older gentleman and I  got to talking while hiking down Springer Mt, it turns out he went through high school in Portsmouth, NH, with my uncles. I came all the way to GA to meet someone who grew up with my family.
I’ve seen remarkable people leave within days. The first two were a wonderful couple from CT,  personal health and the reality of the physical strain the trail puts on your body ended their journey on day two.  Another three left on day three, all for the same reasons.  Day five brought news that Ranger, a 74 year old had also decided to call it after pushing through some rugged terrain.


Ranger hiking on a misty morning

Star has taken to the trail like it’s where she was born.  Every morning she waits by the trailhead while I pack my bag.  Her love for the mountains is clear,  she can’t wait to know what lies around the next corner or over the next peak.  She has also developed the “hiker appetite” and she will eat everything!  Loves her meal topper of Thrive from The Honest Kitchen.

I have found beauty in the mountains that surround me.


Forest mist

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Words of wisdom!

I was woken this morning by a horde of snuggling critters! Within the cries of joy which filled the room my sleepy mind realized there was wisdom to share!

My very astute and outgoing cat, Skiddy Kitty, would like to fill you in.

Welcome to AUTUMN!

As the cold air takes over it is important to dress for the weather!


It is also holiday season and being in fashion is a must!


Sometimes you just need to put aside your differences and appreciate what others have to offer.



And the answer to any important question (especially in the outdoor world):


•you have a headache… Drink water!
•you’re tired… Drink water!
•you’re hungry… Drink water!
•you don’t know what to do with yourself… Drink water!

Wishing you an awesome an informative autumn!

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The Grind

When I hear the term “daily grind” I picture people who are stuck in little cubicles, starring at computer screens, working the 9-5, and sitting in rush hour traffic. I don’t picture myself. My world is different, my work day does not revolve around technology or small spaces. Rarely do I have to travel on roads where traffic backs up. When I head out the door in the morning it is not with a briefcase but with a hiking pack full of games and initiatives, and a duck strapped to the side. My mind races, not over the number crunching and up coming meetings, but sequencing. Do I want to start with Bumpity Bumpity Bump or High 5? Would a giant game of Thumb Wrestling or Evolution (rock, paper, scissors) be better suited to my clients needs.

Working in the outdoor world is a blessing!

Star is excited to be able to snuggle for just a moment with my Ducky!!!

Star is excited to be able to snuggle for just a moment with my Ducky!!!