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2 thoughts on “Maine… it’s the Real Deal – Part 1

  1. Another amazing and totally absorbing post Gator, er…. Erin 😉 Nice job! Reading about Skiddy was really sad – I can’t imagine how hard it had to have been to be so far away from him and feel so helpless. He was truly an amazing “beast”. But then there was the part about him providing sanity through an abusive relationship – that was news for me —- that sucks; and I had no idea you got migranes! How did I miss these things? The trail is teaching me some things about you that I never knew!

    You really do have a very engaging writing style that I truly do enjoy. You got the wordsmith workin’!

    love you, ~ Sue

    • Thank you again Sue!
      Our history is always with us and eventually it brings itself to the surface when we are ready to confront it. The abusive relationship was over 15 years ago. The Migraines started when I was 21, I have since learned to manage them but the first one had me bedridden for 3 days before a trip to the ER, where I got introduced to morphine.

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